Feedstock Selection and Formulation

Capability Title Feedstock selection and formulation
Laboratory Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
Capability experts M.M. Ramirez-Corredores (INL), Vicki Thompson (INL)
  • Equipment to size reduce and fractionate solid materials (biomass, MSW, etc.) at up to 5 tons/hr.
  • Storage reactors capable of controlling temperature, moisture, and gas composition for material degradation studies.
  • Analytical characterization including, particle size characterization, composition, elemental analysis, and various spectrometers.
  • Material flow characterization equipment to help inform operations scale-up.
Limitations Large quantities of feedstock or hydrocarbon feed are required.
Unique aspects Pilot scale facilities enable production of conversion ready feedstocks from low cost resources as well as biofuels in volumes sufficient for fuel performance characterization.
Availability Capabilities are available with enough advance planning.
Citations/references https://bioenergylibrary.inl.gov/Home/Home.aspx