Experimental Capabilities

Bio-Blendstock/Fuel Production Research

Producing, recovering, and purifying bio-derived materials of interest for advanced fuels, including production at a scale sufficient for property and performance testing.

Bio-Blendstock/Fuel Property Research

Experimental determination of fundamental thermophysical and fuel-specification properties of bio-derived blendstocks and blended fuels.

Bio-Blendstock/Fuel Performance Research

Research on the performance of bio-blendstocks and blended fuels in the fuel distribution system, and in engines or under combustion conditions relevant to fuel combustion in engines.


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Computational Capabilities


Modeling of combustion in engines or under conditions relevant to engine performance.


Development of predictive models based on molecular structure or based on correlations of properties of bio-blendstocks alone and in blended fuels.


Economic, environmental, societal, and market models to predict implications of future fuel/engine systems.

Target Identification

Use of computational tools to identify bio-blendstocks likely to have advantageous properties and performance in any particular type of engine and operating regime.

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