Advanced Emission Catalysis Capabilities

Capability Title Advanced emission catalysis capabilities
Laboratory Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Capability experts Fan Lin, Kenneth Rappe, Yong Wang
Description The exhaust aftertreatment catalyst test system capable of fuel/catalyst evaluation under various simulated exhaust conditions.
Equipped with 8 gas flow controllers, liquid feed injection ports, temperature-programed furnace, and sensitive FTIR gas analyzer,
Catalyst aging and poisoning system is used to evaluate the hydrothermal/thermal stability and sulfur-tolerance of the catalysts.
Temperature-programed DRIFTS can be used to characterize the intermediates of fuel adsorption/reaction on catalysts, which helps elucidate the reaction mechanism.
Limitations The exhaust aftertreatment catalyst test bench is equipped with MKS Multigas 2030 FTIR gas analyzer as the only gas analysis instrument. The FTIR gas analyzer has difficulties in differentiating some organic species with similar functional groups and in identifying uncalibrated species. This limits the test of fuel mixtures and the investigation of reaction intermediates.
Unique aspects
  • The catalyst test system is fully controlled using computer, allowing for remote control and unattended operation, promoting test efficiency.
  • Having the capabilities of both performance evaluation and property characterization for fuels/catalysts.
Availability At all times, but some prioritization may be needed.